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Johanneshof Cellars Edelbrand – Grape Brandy

Solely made from 100 % hand-harvested grapes grown in Marlborough, Johanneshof Cellars’ Edelbrand has been maturing deep in our underground cellar for some 15 years. Aged in Limousine barrels this premium brandy is blended like the best cognacs using the solera method guaranteeing you the finest quality of brandies.

Good Things Take Time

A unique product has been part of  Johanneshof Cellars’ range of products since our inception in 1991.

Johanneshof  is one of  a few New Zealand companies  who produce a Grape Brandy. Called “EDELBRAND” it is made from 100% Marlborough grapes, distilled twice like a Cognac and matured for more than 12 years in small Limousine oak casks.

The Grape Bandy named Edelbrand translates to “noble brandy” from German. Only the best brandies deserve to be named “Edelbrand” in Germany and our Johanneshof Edelbrand plays on the name of one of our Owners, German born Edel.

Deep in our cellar in Koromiko, Edelbrand has been maturing now for twelve years in French limousin and troncais oak barrels which are stored in our cellar twenty metres under the surface of our vineyard.  Only a few people were fortunate enough to taste a sip, when we took a small sample out of the barrel using a glass ‘winethief’.  Admittedly the enjoyment we get out of doing these regular barrel tastings no doubt will have contributed to the prolonged time we let this precious liquid mature.

“Edelbrand” was first released in 2000, and every year different barrels are blended together, going back to our first vintage in 1991.

Using the ‘solera’ method, part of each barrel is used for the new cuvée and that part replaced in the barrel with spirit from the next oldest barrrel which gets topped with the same amount of the next oldest barrel, and so on.  This guarantees continuity in age and composition.

Derived from Marlborough chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, riesling and semillion grapes every year we ferment these grapes to a purpose-made wine in order to distil it twice, like a cognac. It takes 11 barrels of wine to make one barrel of spirit of around 65% alcohol content, which will gain the beautiful amber colour from years of maturation in oak casks.  After cutting it back to 38% alcohol we finally bottle the precious liquid into Italian brandy bottles, cork and hand seal it with sealing wax.

Enjoy the Edelbrand neat and make it a highlight of your next celebration.